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  • Indian Groove

    Traditional Indian flavors meet electronica on this fascinating musical masala!
  • Cuba! Cuba!

    A captivating collection of classic and contemporary Cuban songs that will have you dancing the night away.
  • Cuban Playground

    Kids of all ages will love this fun selection of songs from one of the world’s most musical countries.
  • Vintage Italia

    Enjoy La Dolce Vita with this nostalgic musical stroll through the golden age of Italian popular song.
  • Italian Playground

    Kids of all ages will enjoy this musical adventure to Italy,  Divertiti!
  • Brazilian Playground

    A lively musical journey that will transport children from the rainforests of the Amazon to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro
  • African Rumba

    Africa meets Cuba on this non-stop celebration of Afro-Latin dance music.¡Gózalo!
  • Latin Christmas

    Spice up the holiday season with festive Latin and Brazilian rhythms. ¡Feliz Navidad!
  • Acoustic Yoga

    A peaceful musical journey that will soothe your mind and ease your soul.
  • Vintage Latino Vinyl

    Step back in time to the tropical nightclubs of San Juan, Havana and beyond with this nostalgic collection of classic boleros, guajiras and more.
  • Blues Party

    This musical celebration by legends of the blues will have you boogying up the Mississippi from New Orleans to Chicago.
  • Mexico

    Savor the spicy and romantic flavors of Mexican music, from the sones of Veracruz to the boleros of Oaxaca. Updated with 4 new songs.
  • Jazz Cafe

    Extraordinary musicians from the U.S., Cuba, Brazil, Finland, Senegal and beyond will transport you to jazz cafés around the world.
  • Putumayo Kids Presents - French Dreamland

    French Dreamland

    These charming lullabies will transport you to the lavender -scented French countryside. Bonne nuit et dors bien!
  • French Playground

    An entertaining musical journey to Quebec, France and beyond. Updated with 4 new songs. Bon voyage!
  • Putumayo Presents: French Cafe Re-release

    French Café (Re-release)

    Updated with 7 new songs!
    French Café is a collection of classic and modern French music that will transport the listener to the romantic streets of Paris.
  • Putumayo Presents: Vintage Latino

    Vintage Latino CD

    Step back in time to the tropical nightclubs of San Juan, Havana and beyond with this nostalgic collection of classic boleros, guajiras and more.
  • Putumayo Presents: Afro-Caribbean Party

    Afro-Caribbean Party

    Africa meets the Caribbean on this festive musical celebration! Features a Caribbean rum punch recipe.
  • Putumayo Kids Presents: Asian Playground

    Asian Playground

    A magical and educational journey to the rich diverse lands of Asia, featuring traditional and modern children's songs!
  • Animal Playground (Re-Release)

    Animal Playground (Re-Release)

    Take a walk on the wild side with this global musical journey into the animal kingdom. Featuring 4 new tracks!
  • Putumayo Presents - Celtic Cafe

    Celtic Café

    Celtic Café features exceptional Irish and Scottish singer-songwriters performing a blend of modern and traditional acoustic Celtic music.
  • Yoga Lounge

    A transportive musical journey weaving together world instruments, light electronica, ambient grooves and enchanting mantras to soothe body and spirit.
  • Cajun Re-Release

    Cajun (Re-Release)

    A fascinating musical journey to the bayous of Southwest Louisiana. Like its cousin, zydeco, Cajun music’s origins are in France and its motto is “laissez les bon temps roulez” (“let the good times roll”). Updated with 5 new tracks! Features a Cajun recipe.
  • Louisiana Gumbo

    Louisiana Gumbo

    The spirit of Louisiana captured in sizzling soul, blues and R&B.


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