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mia couto - idades

Da velhice sempre invejei o adormecer no meio da conversa.
Esse descer de pálpebra não é nem idade nem cansaço.
Fazer da palavra um embalo é o mais puro e apurado senso da poesia.
Mia Couto
No livro Idades/ cidades/ divindades'

Tela de Maria José Cabral

Arie van’t Riet’s X-ray Photography Examines Nature

hi fructose

Arie van’t Riet’s X-ray Photography Examines Nature by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on December 26, 2013 Physicist Arie Van’t Riet used his knowledge of radiation to launch a photography series that literally looks deep into the beauty of nature. The artist uses an X-ray camera to capture the skeletal underpinnings of animals and the delicate fibers of flowers and plants. Though they may look like what a superhero with X-ray vision would see on a nature hike, the compositions are staged (using animals killed in traffic accidents and recently deceased pets of friends, so as not to harm live animals with radiation) in van’t Riet’s studio and photographed through an analog process that uses different intensities of X-rays. Color is added digitally in Photoshop. Van’t Riet gave a TED Talk about his process and future ambitions for the project. Watch the video and see some of his artworks below. Ima…

Caracol de la Resistencia: Zapatista Symbol References Maya Past


Caracol de la Resistencia: Zapatista Symbol References Maya PastPosted by Thomas M. Urban

In an ethnographic interview conducted in June 2007, leaders of the autonomous community of Oventic in highland Chiapas, Mexico discussed with me and a colleague the meaning of the caracol (snail) as a Zapatista symbol. They explained that the ancient Maya ancestors used a conch shell as a horn to summon people to gather in one place as a community. Their ancestors lived during less technologically advanced times, they noted, when the world moved at a much slower pace than today, much like the slow-moving caracol. Today the symbol of the caracol expresses the ideals of small community government in the face of globalization. The caracol represents the ideals of an autonomous Zapatista government with direct reference to a distant Maya past on two levels, and connects the Zapatista present with a concep…

O lobo de Wall Street: dinheiro como droga pesada


O lobo de Wall Street: dinheiro como droga pesada POR JOSÉ GERALDO COUTO – ON 25/01/2014CATEGORIAS: CINEMACULTURADESTAQUES 2185100 Martin Scorcese retoma suas histórias de ascensão e decadência, tendo agora por cenário selva de poder e vaidade dos mercados globais Por José Geraldo Couto, no blog do IMS Não deve ser por acaso que os filmes mais recentes de vários cineastas importantes de nosso tempo têm como protagonistas magnatas sem escrúpulos do mercado financeiro: Cosmópolis, de Cronenberg, O Capital, de Costa-Gavras, e agora O lobo de Wall Street, de Martin Scorsese – sem contar o personagem de Alec Baldwin em Blue Jasmine, de Woody Allen. Cada um à sua maneira, eles tentam dar um rosto a esse mal impalpável e difuso chamado capital financeiro global. A “maneira” de Scorsese em O lobo de Wall Street é a mesma que caracteriza seu melhor cinema, marcado por histórias de ascensão meteórica, qued…

Japanese soldier who took three decades to surrender, dies


Japanese soldier who took three decades to surrender, dies Hiroo Onoda, a second world war intelligence officer, stayed holed up in Philippine jungle until he was coaxed out in 1974 2841 in

Hannah Höch: art's original punk


Hannah Höch: art's original punk The Nazis branded her a degenerate and the dadaists tried to edge her out. But a new exhibition reveals Hannah Höch as a pioneer of photomontage and a feminist icon who took a kitchen knife to the glass ceiling 495 5