Sunday, 16 November 2008


wearing shell
the house carried heavy
moonlight snail

sometimes moving so gloom
dreaming on the afternoon

~ a snail tanka by mimi

Monday, 10 November 2008


where i can find the beauty?
you can see by the window

sense of light
non sense of shadow

moving across the mill
reflections and meadow

mimi, to bruno mercier

HAIKAI - vinho

o instante da paixão
nos estilhaços do espelho
dor de tinto vermelho

~ mimi [texto & imagem]



vazios da tela
preenchem a memória
no paradoxo da espera

~ mimi
[photo by Porgo]




Sunday, 9 November 2008

HIAKAI - blue sea

heart as a drum
in the infinite blue sea
but you cannot see

~ mimi
[photo by Izan Petterle]



brinca a menina
de nuvens, formas e poesias
constrói sua fantasia

mimi, para soninha
[imagem: vlad gerasimov]




haikai - lume

na vaga luz da lua
a ave se apaixonou
pelo lume que brilhou

~ mimi [foto de cesar de andrade]


haikai - wind

i saw beauty in a thousand whips of air
i feel the colour of the wind
but the lost love, they could not repair

collaborative haikai
mimi & nathan

photo by cesar andrade



TANKA isa Japanese style poetic. Nathan is an English friend and we are celebrating life, writing together!

Love or hate
tiny line between them
night for mate

too many thoughts within
this head of radiation

[tanka by mimi & nathan -- image by vlad moldavsky]




an exquisite corpse between

Mimi & Nathan

I started the poem, Nathan has finished without knowing the previous part.


Compass thinking pronounces

the north is always the steer

it forgets the labyrinth on the west

or the sun shining on the east

but to the south,

on its sense and non sense

life randomly exists over the corners

and the square makes circular love

To me, I had seen no contours

no wondrous squiggles to take back

my dissonant laughter.

all these confused elements

of the ethereal mind-map.

so, let me see past

those paint-drop trees

let me see into your cartography




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