Sunday, 9 November 2008



an exquisite corpse between

Mimi & Nathan

I started the poem, Nathan has finished without knowing the previous part.


Compass thinking pronounces

the north is always the steer

it forgets the labyrinth on the west

or the sun shining on the east

but to the south,

on its sense and non sense

life randomly exists over the corners

and the square makes circular love

To me, I had seen no contours

no wondrous squiggles to take back

my dissonant laughter.

all these confused elements

of the ethereal mind-map.

so, let me see past

those paint-drop trees

let me see into your cartography





Anonymous said...

I have seem painters playing exquisite corpse, but it my first time with poems. It is nice! Congratulation for you, Mimi, and your friend Nathan


Michèle Sato said...

and it is so lovely to play it! you should try it, dave, maybe in the future?