"Feather & Flight"

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Susan Hoenig
"Feather & Flight"
Exhibition at the D&R Greenway, Princeton, NJ
Dec 4, 2017- Feb 9, 2018
Opening Reception Dec 8, 5:30-7:30 pm
"Birds are more than beautiful. They are bellwethers of environmental health. This exhibition celebrates birds, as well as highlighting conservations significant role in supporting crucial travel patterns for the 4,000 species that migrate. Because of New Jersey's location along the Atlantic flyway, our natural resources are critical to avian survival."
My painting below, "Migration of the Blackpoll Warbler", a long-distance migrant that weighs less than half an ounce yet makes the longest over water journey of any songbird, nearly 1,800 miles nonstop over the Atlantic ocean to its wintering grounds in Puerto Rico or northern South America.
Such a long journey requires that they eat enough before they leave to double their body mass. They take advantage of the prevailing winds following cold fronts as they head south. Unfortunately they are declining severely, their habitat, the boreal forest is being impacted and is also vulnerable to climate change. I remember so well how we talked (in my bird study group) about wind shifts due to climate change. Where will these epic migrants end up? And what food resources will be there for them when they arrive?


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