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21 Powerful Examples Of Street Art That Tell The Uncomfortable Truth

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21 Powerful Examples Of Street Art That Tell The Uncomfortable Truth

Graffiti and other forms of street art reveal so much about the surrounding culture and current times. City walls provide a blank canvass for artists and rebels to display a number of messages, some of which tell the uncomfortable truth about the state of our planet and where it is headed.
Powerful street art can inspire change, culturally, politically and beyond. When you see a particular piece of stunning art it hits you deep in the core, possibly even influencing you to make real life changes.
We can’t forget about the most important things in life, starting with the incredible planet we call home. The following list represents some of the most powerful examples of street art from all over the world; each one campaigning for the good of all things natural, including mankind. Remember, without Mother Nature we will cease to exist.

1. Help Keep The Plants Alive

Photo Credit: Natalia Rak

2. The Whole World Is Going Down The Drain

Photo Credit: Pejac

3. Earth’s Hour-Glass Is Ticking

Photo Credit: Blu

4. Those Responsible For Killing Earth

“The earth isn’t dying it’s being killed…” 
Photo Credit:

5. Is It Fair To Trap Animals In A Zoo?

Photo Credit: 

6. “I Don’t Believe In Global Warming”

Photo Credit: Banksy

7. Working Ourselves To Death

Photo Credit: Pejac

8. The Truth About The News

Photo Credit: GroovyMutation

9. Humans Are Eating The Earth

Photo Credit: Nemos

10. “I Remember When All This Was Trees”

We can all think of at least one urbanized location that used to be full of lush trees…
Photo Credit: Banksy

11. Urbanization = Death

Photo Credit: Blu

12. Where Has All The Ice Gone?

RIP Carrie Fisher: what should Disney do about Princess Leia in Episode 9?
Graceful death
CGI if family OK
New actress
Photo Credit: Eduardo Kobra

13. What The Cow Population Really Thinks

Poor cows, consumed in mass quantity by humans but these kind vegetarians would never eat any living creature.
Photo Credit: unknown

14. The Truth About Locked Up Animals

Photo Credit: ROA

15. Specially Made Earth Trash Pie, Courtesy Of The Humans

Photo Credit: Blu
Here is one way to reduce our current trash problem: Plantable Coffee Cups Embedded With Seeds Grow Into Trees When Thrown Away

16. Born To Be Wild, Forced To Perform

Photo Credit: July

17. The Uncomfortable Truth About Air Pollution

Photo Credit: Gnaf

18. Needs Ice Now

Photo Credit: Pobel

19. You Can’t Escape Animal Cruelty, It’s Everywhere

Photo Credit: ROA

20. Sucking The Earth Dry

I like the details in the ‘suckers’ crown… couldn’t be more true.
Photo Credit: Blu

21. Help! Fast Food Is Taking Over The World

Photo Credit: reddit

22. Poor Planet Earth

Photo Credit: Sever

23. Seal Playing With Oil

Photo Credit: Blu

24. The Struggle Of The Misunderstood Cow

Photo Credit: July

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