Attention artists and activists!

Share your ideas, sounds, images, words, photos.

Share your thoughts.

Let's create a global exchange of creativity and exploration.

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Join us

Don't donate.
Invest. However you join us, as Participant/Student or Artist/Activist, think of us as partners.
As partners, we'll provide you with a platform to project your sounds, music, images, and ideas. You'll show your work around the world in artist pages, blog pages, or live presentations.
We'll invite you to attend GetTogethers. And participate in GetTogethers. A GetTogether is an informal concert or meeting or ... It can take place anywhere in the world. It's free. And it's documented in our website to make it available everywhere.
We use newsletters and social media to spread the word, and as a member, we'll promote your events through our calendar.
In short, we want to form a global group of artists and activists and participants and students who are concerned with the state of the world. To join the group, go HERE.

The Gallery

The slideshow

The current Gallery, presented in the slideshow, is a group of images borrowed from NASA. Many of the photos were taken from the International Space Station.
Several of the photos allow us to see large areas of the earth's surface. Some give us a clear picture of the earth as a globe. In some photos we see a blue frame. That blue frame is our atmosphere. Air. Our natural environment.
It should be clear that with everyone on Earth sharing that environment, we are together a global community.
Ear to the Earth's mission is to develop and improve that community. We are doing this by creating a global group of artists that illuminate the world in music, sound art, visual arts, including ideas, stories, and images.
As the Gallery changes, we post the images online. To see past Galleries, go HERE.


Augmenting Reality

"Sound and music are the original augmented reality technology. Throughout human history, sound and music have played an intrinsic role in magic, ritual, ceremony, and celebration, transforming the mundane into the sublime, marking everyday events as memorable milestones, and enhancing the flow of experience. Acoustic archeologists speculate that certain acoustic properties of ancient monuments were intentionally designed to transform the human voice into something supernatural and that, throughout history, centers of power have been constructed as polished stone surfaces enclosing vast spaces in order to augment the sounds created within them — creating mysterious, impressive, and transformative experiences." ‐ Carla Scaletti
This year's Kyma International Sound Symposium, exploring the theme of Augmenting Reality, will take place in Oslo, Norway, 12—15 October 2017. Interested? Go HERE



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