Monday, 12 November 2012

SAKUNTALA (Kalidasa)

~ cartaz preparado pelos atores e atrizes da peça

A Escola Livre Porto Cuiabá (ELPC) foi fundada em 1989 e orienta-se pela Pedagogia Waldorf, estabelecida em 1919 por Rudolf Steiner. Tendo a arte como dimensão essencial na formação dos seus estudantes, a ELPC tem a satisfação de convidar ao teatro do 8º ano, ensino fundamental:


O dramaturgo indiano Kalidasa é considerado precursor de Shakespeare e seu drama converge aos belos jardins, onde o príncipe Dushyanta apaixona-se por Sakuntula, que vive no sagrado eremitério. Um casamento secreto, um anel, cenários do palco e figurinos indianos são também enredos desta história de amor que traz a literatura indiana na dramaturgia teatral da Escola Livre Porto Cuiabá.


(próximo a OAB, av. do CPA) 
22 a 25 de novembro de 2012 

Ingressos já à venda (RS$ 10,00)!!!
Informações: 3028 6625


 pais e funcionários



Escola Livre Porto Cuiabá - ELPC
(durante as oficinas de preparo do teatro)
-  fotos de Michèle Sato


My friend from Brazil writes.
The Free School Port Cuiabá (ELPC) was founded in 1989 and is guided by Waldorf Education, established in 1919 by Rudolf Steiner. Having art as an essential dimension in training their students, ELPC is pleased
 to invite the theater of the 8th grade, elementary school:


The Indian playwright Kalidasa is considered a precursor of Shakespeare and drama converges to its beautiful gardens, where the prince falls for Dushyanta Sakuntula, who lives in the sacred hermitage. A secret marriage, a ring, the stage scenery and costumes are also plots this Indian love story that brings Indian literature theatrical dramaturgy at the Free School Port Cuiabá.
A must see!

(Near OAB, av. CPA)
A 22 November 25, 2012

Tickets now on sale (RS $ 10.00)!!
Info: 3028 6625


Vikraman Panicker said...

Very Happy to note that the ancient Indian Classical writer Kalidasa's "Abhinjana Shakunthalam" is being adapted and would be enacted at THEATRE LIU ARRUDA in Port Cuiaba.
Best wishes.Pl post a portion of the show if not the whole in "youtube" for we indian viewers after the show.

Muito feliz em constatar que o escritor clássico indiano antigo "Abhinjana Shakunthalam de Kalidasa" está sendo adaptado e seria promulgada em TEATRO LIU ARRUDA no Porto Cuiabá. Felicidades.Pl post uma porção do show se não a sua totalidade no "youtube" para nós telespectadores indianos após o show.

michèle sato said...


your note in the blog is a honour for us, involved into the theatre. It is quite difficult to get the cultural expression of India, but for us it is a pleasure to learn. THANK YOU SO MUCH and congrats for such beautiful culture.

Unni Ezhupunna said...

Feliz ao ouvir a notícia sobre o seu filho vai jogar anciant Índia clássico escritor Kalidasa "Abhinjana Shakunthalam".
melhores desejos para todos os actores deste drama, estamos prod de sua seleção

Happy to hear about the news your son will play India's anciant classic writer Kalidasa's "Abhinjana Shakunthalam".
best wishes for all actorer in that drama, we are prod of your selection

michèle sato said...

Unni, my dear friend
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE MESSAGE! it is lovely to get feed back from you!

big hug from your brazilian friend

Siddhartha Mandal said...

At the outset, I would like to congratulate the organizers,young artists,script writers,stage decorators and every single person who has contributed in making this wonderful idea become a reality.Having grown up watching "Jatras" ( Bengali Folk theatres )and later on dramas at various theatres in the cultural hub of Calcutta, I have always treated theatre as one of the most pristine and supreme art forms.It requires highest level of prowess in acting and the ability to keep the audience engaged. You have chosen a very unique piece of play from the wealthy treasure of Sanskrit literature. Kalidasa was by far the most famous poet from the "Gupta period".In essence, Abhigyan Shakuntalam is a fairy tale love story between a powerful king and the daughter of an ascetic saint with a shed of poignancy. But,at the same time it's also a tale of enduring human traits:Empathy,respect,hardship,sacrifice and loyalty. I am quite certain that these great qualities will be ingrained in the character of budding pupils through this play and similar adaptations in future.Also, I feel extremely delighted in observing how exchange of ideas in art,culture,literature and music is bringing people of our two great nations, Brazil and India,together.Finally, I wish all the actors and actresses the very best.Enjoy the show...Obrigado!!

michèle sato said...

dear SIDDIX, beloved friend!
it always so nice to read your text... and especially this one comes from your heart and certainly touches our souls.

much love from brazil