Friday, 2 March 2012


(an adorable friend from Austria)

Eichwaldmond: Amazon burning

Eichwaldmond: Belo Monte - Xingu

Eichwaldmond: care the nature

Eichwaldmond: global warming

Eichwaldmond: snail in the garden

i come from a hot place
where there is no snow
flakes, ice or rabbit burrow
but i see you shot
where there is white floor
lonely trees and mountains
skiing and white curtains
your green eyes
your gray beard
your dream
in such distance mile
i live with smile
(thinking on you)

~ mimi

‎*through my white 
i walk with you 
with your hot green blue rich amazon land 
wear my spirit in decision of humanity ... 
will they all in my country, yours and world wide 
- really longer look away - ? 
who feel, loves and see 
knows no distance over the sea 
wears in the heart ... 
a view about white mountain peaks 
to you ♥ and raoni*

~ eichwaldmond

february 2012

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