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Alice in wonderland, 1945


Foucault. This is Not a Pipe

René Magritte: surrealism's straight man

Magritte: The artist who turned the world on its head

René Magritte: advert designer and surrealist

Armed robbers steal Magritte

René Magritte, Tate Liverpool

Magritte family to sell dream collection

Magritte painting stolen by armed thieves in Belgium

René Magritte: enigmatic master of the impossible dream

SATO, Michèle. Isto não é um texto. Revista Iberoamericana de Educación (Online). , v.2006, p.91 - 98, 2006.

golconda, 1953

on mimi sato's utube:

1/4. René Magritte (1898 – 1967) - PART I - Works from 1919 to 1928

2/4. René Magritte (1898 – 1967) - PART II - Works from 1929 to 1946

3/4. René Magritte (1898 – 1967) - PART III - Works from 1947 to 1954

4/4. René Magritte (1898 – 1967) - PART IV - Works from 1955 to 1967

rené magritte 3D

Tribute to Magritte

magritte bt peter puntman

René Magritte sempre

The Dreamer: A tribute to Rene Magritte

MAGRITTE . documental del artista surrealista

Monsieur Rene Magritte (Adrian Maben, 1978)

TateShots: Storm Thorgerson on Magritte

René and Georgette Magritte with their dog after the war

René Magritte - a dramatized documentary 1/3

René Magritte - a dramatized documentary 2/3

René Magritte - a dramatized documentary 3/3

Re-creation of René Magritte's Paintings (Unreal Engine 4 DEMO)

schéherazade, 1948

magritte: trucks

Antonin Louchard & Martin Jarrie
Ceci est un livre

Hugo Aguiar´s comic

MIMI’s Picasa – n.1

MIMI’s Picasa – n.2

MIMI’s Picasa – photography and draw

MIMI’s Picasa – tributes

MIMI’s Picasa – ADAGP




michèle sato said…
que bom sua visita, dri
aqui tem belas sistematizações e uma porção do meu fantástico magritte

michèle sato said…
grata gy, pela boa visita

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