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Rene Magritte 1919-1939
Rene Magritte 1919-1939

Rene Magritte 1919-1939

Hello there. My name is Rene Magritte. I was a revolutionary surrealist painter in the 1900s. My art was greatly affected by two events in my childhood which were witnessing the carrying off of a balloon that looked like a dead body and my mothers suicide. Before painting, I was a wallpaper designer, a member of the Belgian Infantry in World War I, and I was involved with advertising. However, this involvement did not affect my work later as I would not submit my pieces to a certain party's will. Instead, I focused on visual epiphanies, consistent to the surrealist movement.
This painting is of of man with a torso of a bird cage. He is seen sitting on an edge of a cliff, out looking into endless sea beyond, which, as i mentioned before, is influenced by my childhood. This painting is called the “The Therapeutist” (therapist) because one bird is trying to talk to the other, who is alone, secluded, and in a dark place. This symbolizes how therapists try to coax their patients from coming out of their dark place, and try to have them confess what they are feeling inside. As it is 1937, I feel this might be one of my posts. Good bye everyone, thanks for reading!
This painting, “Clairvoyance”, is one that I am very proud of. It is a self portrait of myself, painting an egg but it is coming out as a bird. I did this because with surrealism, I am becoming somewhat of a revolutionary. I am one of the first of my kind to explore this new art form, which very well be the future- which is why I am shown painting the future of the egg, a bird. To think that only 10 years ago I had just started exploring surrealism, and now I am one of the leaders of the movement.
“Collective Intervention” was very hard but rewarding for me to paint because it was inspired by my mothers suicide. After she had drowned herself, they had taken her out and her bed dress was over her head. This created the illusion that she was a half human, as part of her was covered. It has been many years since, over twenty as it is 1934, she has pass but a day doesn’t pass that I don’t think of her.
This is one of my new paintings. I am quite fond of these symbols, the cloud forms of a torso, tuba and a chair, and plan to use them in my future paintings. Next year, in 1930, i plan to move back to Belgium with my wife. Paris has been great, but I am eager to get home. These open seas and landscape remind me of the freedom in childhood, especially in moving place to place. However, the clouds in the sky determined it’s name,“Threatening Weather”
This is my most recent painting, “The Lovers”. I made it this year, in 1928. I am very fond of this painting as it another surrealism. I have gotten quite a few inquires to further talk about what surrealism is. It is “connecting conscious and unconscious” as my dear friend Andre Breton says. I have just moved to Paris with my wife as of last year, and I met him and some other friends. Last year also brought me my first solo. Though it was not well reviewed, it was still exciting and a good experience for me.
Even though it is still 1926, I thought I would post another painting because I am so fond of this Surrealism. This painting, The Lost Jockey, follows my chess theme from “Checkmate.” This is what I really consider to be my first fully Surrealist painting. Surrealism is a new style of painting that takes familiar images and represents them in an unrealistic way. This new style was created to contradict the logic that has gotten Europe to the horrific, destroyed state it is in today. This painting was inspired by Giorgia de Chrico’s style of painting. In fact, one of his paintings brought me to tears. I hope my own painting shows the solitude of the individual within this uncertain society. I use chess pieces in this painting to show how much militarism has affected our culture. The jokey is by himself in a forest of what he thinks to be soldiers, when in reality it is just him and the trees.
This painting, “Checkmate”, is of a man about to commit suicide, like my dear mother did 14 years ago, as it is 1926. The painting is appropriately named as suicide is the final move in one's life, as checkmate is in a chess game- hence the chess piece in the background. 
I have now started to explore Surrealism in 1925, and I must say I am quite fond of this piece “Untitled”. I look forward to seeing what Surrealism brings to my paintings.
It is 1924 now and I thought I would continue my cubism paintings, by creating “Youth”. As it is more realistic than my normal paintings, I feel as though I am being drawn to a new style of painting.
This is a self portrait I have made, hence the name “Self Portrait”. It is 1923 now and the war is now 5 years gone. It seems so much closer than that though… I thought it was too dull working as a wallpaper designer so I thought I would paint on the side as well. My hobby has actually become somewhat of a career for me, as I have shared contemporary art shows with various artists.
As it is 1921, in the beginning of my career, I have completed this painting, “Portrait of Pierre Bourgeois”. You can see how it is more realistic than my previous post, 2 years ago. This is because I have just gotten out of the Belgian infantry, where I saw the world in it’s true colors.
This painting is titled “Nude”. This is one of my earliest paintings completed after I left the “Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts” in Brussels This female nude was created recently, in 1919. I chose to paint this off-shoot of Cubism with a hint of Futurism. These two movements are very famous and I have been studying them for years, so I thought i would experiment with a mix of both.

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