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Borondo "Piedad" New Mural For MAAM - Rome, Italy

"Piedad" New Street Art Piece By Borondo On the streets of Rome, Italy. 1

Our friend Borondo just wrapped up this epic and massive new piece in Rome, Italy for the Museo dell'Altro e dell'Altrove di Metropoliz.
Organised with the help of 999 Gallery, the talented spanish Street Artist once again outdone himself with a very sensual artwork. The piece is entitled "Piedad" (Piety) and if you are in Rome, you'll be able to find the piece on via Prenestina 913.
Make sure to check out more images by the good lads from The Blind Eye Factory after the break and then drop your two cents down in the comments


Banksy "All City" Truck Installation For Better Out Than In - New York City

"All City" Truck Installation By Banksy For Better Out Than In Exhibition In New York City. 1

October 5th is here and Banksy just unveiled his newest installation for Better Out Than In in New York City.
Touring in East Village tonight, The delivery truck (1992 GMC) will visit a different location every evening from dusk. The truck was converted into a mobile garden with rainbow, waterfall and butterflies.
Check out an extra image after the break and then check back with us shortly for more pictures later tonight.

Update 1 (1.30PM NYC): Location where picture was taken is 127 Mott Street, we suspect the truck will be appearing around there this evening.


Friday, October 04, 2013

Banksy "The Musical" New Pieces For Better Out Than In - New York City

"The Musical" Banksy's New Pieces In New York City For The Better Out Than In Show. 1

Here comes Banksy's newest pieces in Delancey, Bushwick and Williamsburg which are entitled "The Musical".
Continuing on his one mural a day project for the "Better Out Than In" street exhibition, the British street artist dropped a series of text-based pieces on random graffiti as kind of a broadway makeover. These newest pieces in New York City are part of an ongoing series, more will be coming later on at some point this month.
Keep checking back with us for extra pictures shortly and the exact location as soon we've located the pieces.

Update 1 (10AM NYC): "Dirty Underwear the Musical" is located on 208 Bushwick avenue - It was painted three days ago (October 1st)
Update 2 (10.37AM NYC): "Occupy the Musical" has already been buffed (picture after the jump)
Update 3 (10.45AM NYC): "Playground Mob The Musical" is located on the South-side of Delancey and Bowery


Miron Milic New Mural For MUU '13 - Zagreb, Croatia

Street Art By Miron Milic For The MUU Street Art Festival In Zagreb, Croatia. 1

Miron Milic recently created a new piece for the MUU Street Art Festival 2013 in his hometown, the city of Zagreb in Croatia.
It only took 2 long days for the Croatian street artist to paint this fantastic and rather unusual "landscape" mural. Artist's idea was to create a peaceful image in the city center, that would hopefully cheer up the by passers and he succeeded by creating this impressive image.
Make sure to take a peep at more detailed images after the break and then check back with us shortly for more updates from MUU.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Preview: 2501 x Ozmo “Preto e Branco" @ Tag Gallery

Preview of “Preto e Branco", a double solo show by 2501 and Ozmo in Brazil. 1

Our friends 2501 and Ozmo are currently in Brazil where they spent the last few weeks working on a new body of work for “Preto e Branco” at the Tag Gallery in Sao Paulo.
The show is a journey from representative to abstract painting and it will include three indoor walls, a series of new paintings and animated sculptures that the duo worked on exclusively for Tag Gallery.
Take a look at more preview images after the break and then if you are in Sao Paulo, the show can be seen on Rua Goncalo Alfonso 99.


El Seed New Mural At the University of Exeter - Exeter, UK

New Street Art Mural By El Seed the University of Exeter In UK. 1

Earlier today, El Seed spent a few hours at the University of Exeter working on this superb signature piece.
The talented artist perceives Persian Calligraphy as a tangible expression of his search for identity. Throughout his work, different paths intersect and mirror the multiple sources of inspiration which nourish his art.
Click through the link to see extra angles and then if you are in Exeter, you'll be able to find it on Northcote House, The Queen's Drive.


Dot Dot Dot New Murals - Bodø, Norway

Norwegian Street Artist Dot Dot Dot Paints Several New Murals In Bodø, Norway. 1

Dot Dot Dot just sent in a series of pictures from his latest street pieces on the streets of Bodø, a city in Nordland county, Norway.
As usual with the Norwegian stencil artist, he painted some of his signature cheeky imagery such as the safe pictured above.
Continue reading for a better look at the pieces and let us know if you appreciate his last stencils.


Work In Progress By Interesni Kazki - Miami, USA

Work In Progress By Ukrainian Street Art Duo Interesni Kazki In Miami, USA. 1

Ukrainian Street Art Duo Interesni Kazki are now in Florida where they spent the last few days working on this massive new piece somewhere on the streets of Miami, USA.
AEC and WAONE should be finished in the next few days so while we wait for the final pictures make sure to check out some work in progress shots sent by in by our friend Robertskran


Ludo "Biohazard" New Street Art - Paris, France

"Biohazard" Street Art By French Artist Ludo On The Streets Of Paris, France. 1

Earlier this morning, Ludo spent a few hours working on this new street piece on the streets of Paris, France.
Entitled "Biohazard", the popular French street artist dropped some of his signature green imagery for the local pedestrians to enjoy.
Check out an extra image after the break and stay tuned with us to see what Ludo does next.


Vhils New Mural For Avant Garde Urbano - Tudela, Spain

Street Art By Vhils For Avant Garde Urban In Tudela, Spain. 1

While we last heard from him in Norway, Vhils is now in Spain where he just wrapped up this new piece on the streets of Tudela for the Avant Garde Urbano Festival.
As usual with Alexandre Farto and his crew, he dropped a beautiful chiselled portrait which based on a 100 years old photography from Turdela's archives.
Check out some more images by Urban Painting after the jump and then stay tuned in with us for more Street Art from Spain.



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