Tuesday, 5 February 2008


My friend Joshua had created an image especially to me write on it. I tried to do my best an I am publishing his reply because I think it is another poem!




You have taken the spirit higher! Thank you so much for these magical words from the heart of the forest. I can hardly believe that I have had the opportunity to make this creation with you. The layers of meaning in the process of our collaboration, the geography of our communication, the synchronicities of our interests, and the poetry of the art itself, all converge on a new face, for a new time, in a new world of "lasers in the jungle somewhere... " Her drama moves through us in acts of myth, memory, mirror, mask, and meaning. Our revelation is her unveiling. She paints through our hands, speaks through our voices, and we weave the connective tissue of wonder and delight with these simple arts.

Each of the separate sections, the acts, of your poem provide many gems of reflection that I will enjoy returning to as time spirals on. Thank you for the blessings of your time and engagement, as well as the accented richness of your precious net of words.

With much gratitude,

- Josh




Image: Joshua Levin
Text: Michèle Sato


In the heart of forest
Through sharp bird’s orchestra
Each life can tell about myths
Magical silhouette of labyrinths

Life in the forest
Knows the secrets enchantment
Mystical flowers spread smell
Darkness reminiscent from spell

Connection of the forest
Blows wind and musical notes
The spirits come to the light
Dancing in the circle with delight

The queen of forest
Lives inside the biggest tree
Silent signals are revealed
Fascination seems appeared

The tissue of the forest
Connects all elements
Gesturing languages with silence
Dynamic of absence and presence




Ðiogo said...

Olá, Michele!!
Meu nome é Diogo Viana, encontrei seus textos no blog da Andrea Ferraz, achei tudo que escreve lindo!!
É um prazer ler o que escreve, ainda estou alguns centimetros acima do chão depois de Rasgo Palavras Roucas em audio!! Realmente tocante.

Pra vc: Flores, estrelas, sonhos...

Michèle Sato said...

esta é uma msg que dá vontade de colocar moldura, colocar na parede e babar admirando...
de vez em qdo abraçar e ficar beijando...

que msg mais bonita de se receber, Diogo, nem imagina o bem que me fazes... Esta mera professora da filosofia te agradece MUITO! Se a academia falhar, acho que sei onde poderei trilhar após seu belo elogio. Nossssssa, vou dormir nas estrelas hj...

MUITO-MUITO (mesmo) agradecida
beijos de fraternura

além mar peixe voador said...

lindo Michèle, teu blog está um espetáculo a parte, parabéns querida,
abraço carinhoso, tua virgínia

Michèle Sato said...

vindo de vc, este elogio me toca à parte... hoh la la

merci, ma belle amie Virgínia

além mar peixe voador said...

sensacional Michèle,
mais uma oportunidade de apreciar tua arte, compartilhar
sentimentos e amizades, grata
parabéns tua de sempre fã e aprendiz, virgínia

tumbling upwards said...

hi mimi, i just came to thank you for your comment on my blog and want to tell you, that i am also glad to see you here as a friend. i will certainly come back to have a closer look, but this piece here is amazing!! wonderful - makes me want to make a theater play out of it ...
ciao, kat

Michèle Sato said...

Hiya Kat
this space is a sort of mixing brazilian and international poems... DA is nice, but I miss my mother tongue such...

Yeah, I liked connective too, Josh is an enchanted artist and it was nice to work with him. THANKS!